Must-Read Technological Books that can Change your Mind

In his book “The Better Angels of Our Nature,” Harvard Professor Steven Pinker states that today’s world is arguably the most peaceful. The book gives hope in changing people’s minds that despite the political instability, climate change, and whatever else you see on the news today, there is still hope for a brighter future. Books

Three Benefits of Learning Business

People often have problems choosing the proper career path for them. There are many courses of study to choose from and it’s not an easy task for them. You need to perform an examination of yourself, while understanding your own abilities and interests. After knowing your own weaknesses and strengths, you may find out that

How Pregnant Women Can Study Properly?

It can be quite challenging for pregnant women to continue learning. Many married women seek to continue their education to achieve higher degree, but pregnancy is also something that they need to deal with. It is important for pregnant women to plan according and rearrange the schedule. Studying can be physically exerting and overwhelming. It

Six Ways to Improve Your Experience When Studying Abroad

If you want to get the most of your studying experience, there are a few things that you can do very easily. Here are some of them: Study regularly ahead of time: About six months before your departure, you should study ahead of the time. There are many things that you can learn. As an

The Importance of Using Mnemonics to Improve Your Learning Performance

It’s easy to be impressed by memory champion who can memorize hundreds of people names in a short amount of time. We may suspect that they have excellent memory. But in reality, they use specific techniques that can help them to recall information. These memory champions don’t have different brain structure or high IQ. Memory

What Area of Study You Should Choose in College?

In reality, not many high school students are really sure what area of study that will pursue in college. They may have a number of potential options to choose, while others may don’t even have a clue what major to choose in college. So, it is important to decide the best area of study that

How Students Can Solve Math Problems Efficiently?

For many students, studying math can be really challenging and they continue to have low grades. There are study habits that you can use to make sure that you will perform well when studying math. A good way is to use a syllabus. Without a good understanding of the syllabus, you won’t know where you

Seven Ways to Get Prepared for an Exam

When exam is getting nearer, anxiety level among students could soar high. Their fear of failure may actually become a self fulfilling prophecy, if they don’t get prepared properly. Here are things you should do to get better prepared for an exam: Make a plan and stick to it: If many exams are coming up,

Understanding Multitasking During Studying Process

Multitasking is often seen as an effective way to improve productivity, including during learning process. In the electronics terms, multitasking is defined as parallel operations of computing devices, including computer and smartphones. A single CPU is able to perform multiple tasks at the same time. However, although our brains are often compared with computer CPUs,

How Students Can Improve Their Memory?

Before exam, it is a good idea for students to improve their capabilities by improving memory and get themselves physically ready. They can use various learning methods that can sharpen their brain. There are tricks that you should use if you want to survive in the competitive job market. You should make your mind a